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Hanover Chimney Sweeps has been serving Richmond, Virginia and surrounding areas since 1981.  Hanover Chimney Sweeps is owned and operated by Marcel Lalik.  Marcel possesses over 35 years of chimney service experience and became a certified Chimney Sweep with the Chimney Institute of America (CSIA) in 2002. Hanover Chimney Sweeps holds a Class A Contractor’s License and is insured and bonded.

We have an “A” rating on Angie’s List

Hanover Chimney Sweeps on Angies List


Hanover Chimney Sweeps was voted in the Top 3 for Readers’ Favorites 2017 in the category of Chimney Sweep/Repair

How safe is your chimney?

Get some chimney safety tips from Marcel in this Richmond Times Dispatch interview: Richmond Times Dispatch Chimney Safety Story

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“Marcel and Austin arrived promptly and set to work quickly. The whole process was quick,
professional and clean, no mess at all left behind. Fireplace looks great, looking forward to using it again

“Marcel was on time, professional, and went the extra mile. He is on my list of contractor pros. We will be
using his firm next year.”

“Service was done quickly and thoroughly. I was very impressed with the cleanliness of the entire operation as well as with the equipment used. After sweeping the chimney, Marcel reviewed observations, such as a cracked tile and eroding crown. Recommendations were made concerning each item, but no pressure to do anything in the immediate future. In the Spring, we agreed the crown resurfacing could be done. I will definitely want his company to do that work. He could also do any repairs necessary if the cracked tile becomes problematic. Water was also observed in the chimney. Marcel had stainless steel chimney caps on hand and was able to install one during the same visit. I had had one previously installed by another service provider, but that one rusted out and I believe it may have interfered with the draft. So I had removed it. This one that Marcel provided is stainless steel, looks good and should last a long time. I have noticed no degradation in the draft, since installation. I have had several good fires in the fireplace since then. Another reason I wanted the cap installed was to keep out birds and other animals. (I once had a bird in my fireplace several years ago and had to call Animal Control to have it removed. Not a good scene for any homeowner.)”

“Overall the job was performed carefully and promptly and the work cleaned up.”

“Marcel cleans this chimney and woodstove yearly. He and his assistant are one time, courteous and detailed in their handling of materials while cleaning. They are careful to place tarps around the woodstove and the high-filter vacuum to virtually eliminate all odors while cleaning. They take their time and make sure the job is done right. Marcel is always willing to discuss any questions I might have about the woodstove and chimney. I will continue to use his services as long as he’s in the business.”

“Marcel has been cleaning my chimney and woodstove yearly since about 2000. He is always easy to reach by phone and schedule appointments quickly. I like to get the cleaning done in the spring, so he has readily available appointments before he gets too busy in the fall. He’s always courteous, prompt and does a thorough job of cleaning the chimney lining and woodstove I have in the house. He and his crew take great care to cover what’s necessary when cleaning inside the house, and the vacuum eliminates odors and any dust while he’s cleaning. I myself am a little paranoid about the chimney liner and woodstove since it’s such an old house, and Marcel takes the time to assure me of what’s going on inside the chimney and if the woodstove needs any maintenance yearly. He lets me know when he has to clean more creosote than normal, and to make sure I burn a fire on the hotter side so the creosote will not build up so quickly. His prices have always been competitive, and I trust his company with the cleaning of my chimney and woodstove. I will continue to use his company in the future and would recommend this company to anyone.”

“We had called Marcel before to clean our chimney flues and were very pleased with his professionalism and clean work. He takes a pragmatic view of his work and is willing to speak honestly to the customer about the pros and cons of their options. When cleaning the flues he took buckets of creosote out of the chimney without making any mess in the living room, and the high filtration vac kept odors to a bare minimum. We were equally pleased with his work this time, as he made needed modifications to insert the liner, but was careful to make them reversible. Marcel and his assistant were able to work on a steep metal roof when inserting the cap and were careful not to damage the roof. The cost of this job was driven up by the length of the ovalized stainless insert that we needed and a somewhat tricky installation. We definitely plan to use him for future chimney maintenance.”